Friday, March 10, 2017

Autumn in South Korea: Day 7 last day in seoul

-It's time to say goodbye in Seoul and sharing with you some pasalubong items I bought.
Noodles, banana milk, beauty cosmetics, pepero, and digital accessories.


They are celebrating pepero day every Nov. 11. So almost malls are on sale.

Korean Food:
From street food! 

to dine-in authentic korean food.

Meeting Locals:
- Koreans are friendly and helpful we meet a:
Young korean hostel owner | ahjussi taxi driver | very cheerful candyman haha! 

Untouchable palace guard | very cute and friendly drummer boy | hospitable korean family :)
Busy Hongik station


 Last pic in sinchon with my nth time travel buddies:)
Good job girls! another success travel story :))))

*credits photos from rinna and hazel

Transportation summary:


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