Thursday, February 9, 2017

Autumn in South Korea: Day 0 - 1 Incheon airport to Gimpo to Jeju island


This is our first day in south korea, so in our itinerary, from Incheon Airport we have to be in the Gimpo airport to get to Jeju Island. Wait, but first we have to take a short break and eat dinner.

Our first meal in south korea. Trying out this Lotteria burgers.

We went to Gimpo at 12midnight via AREX, didn't expect that the airport is closed and it will resume at 6am. I don't have pictures (evidence) but we stayed for 3 hrs outside the airport and its freaking cold! -5 degrees! :( 

While waiting, boredom strikes and lethargic, I walked together with rinna and hazel around outside the airport and saw 1 ahjussi staff and 1 passenger sitting inside the airport near entrance. When we enter inside the airport, I was surprised because I heard a very loud alarm coming from the entrance door, but the ahjussi who is sitting inside just ignored the alarm and us. I was thinking we might mistaken a thief or what ever lol...  Then I thought, maybe its ok if we can stay inside. We gathered all our stuffs and the group then went inside. Then the ahjussi went closer to our group, he say something but because of language barrier I just say "Can we stay here?" he just nod then walk away.

Our day 1-3 is in jeju island and stayed at Hostel Lydon. Good thing that we rented a jumbo taxi good for 6 persons for only KRW 200,000 per day for east/west tour.

Finally we are here at Jeju airport waiting for the city bus.

Jeju Stone Park  
- Admission KRW 5,000
- We went here 9:15 am the clouds are gloomy, it was windy and raining at the same time  and we're freezing. 
- Tips: when autumn season don't forget to bring your own gloves and bonnets to keep you warm. Especially if you are not used to this kind of season.

Signature friendship pose!

jeju guardian statue

Me imitating the Jeju statue weew effortlesssssss!

Jeju Island Buddies :)

Teddy bear museum 
- Admission KRW 10,000

Replies Believe it or not building 

Authentic Korean lunchie! and tying out the famous black pork.

Sa sobrang gutom namen no breakfast and straight from the airport, ayan late lunch at 2PM and wait there's more, naparami rin order namen and when you convert it to peso umabot ng PHP6k++.. mga nasa KRW 150,000 hehe
but sulit! unli side dish even the rice ata.

Happy tummy! :)

Yakcheonsa Temple
 - free entrance 

Love Land 
- the witty museum ;P 
- admission KRW 9,000

yumyumyum! Best seller waffle in love land lol. :)

Transportation summary:

Jeju taxi = KRW 40,000 each

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