Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Autumn in South Korea: Day 4 Nami, Island Petite France and Garden of morning calm

It's my first time to experience autumn season! :)

Our 4th day in South korea is in Nami island. yes! one of the most known tourist attraction in south korea because of the kdrama "Endless Love" (I'm a fan too.. papa cholo lol). For me, nami island is the highlights that day because it's picture perfect for autumn season plus the maple leaves are full blown when we get there unlike when we are in jeju island. We also went to Petite france in the afternoon and Garden of the morning calm after sunset. This three attractions are good for the whole day and far in the city.

I've been to Japan and now in south korea, the good thing of 1st world country is that they have a very good transportation like train, that can really benefit the whole country. Haist! how I wish we have like this in the Philippines.*sorry off topic*

Train going to gapyeong station.
Long train ride from sinchon station to Gapyeong station

Gapyeong Tourism Attraction Circulation Bus

- How to use
Tourists can transfer to other buses within the circular route with a ticket for one day.
Tourists can get on and off the bus freely on each course. 
* Site admission fee and facility fare not included

- Ticket fare: Adults 6,000 won / Teenagers & Children 4,000 won / People with disabilities & Seniors 4,000 won

Nami Island 
- Entrance fee: KRW 10,000
- We spent about 2.5 hours here in nami island and was totally picture perfect especially we have a 'couple' in the group and they take a lot of pre-nup pictures here. Good thing! :)

Ferry in nami island


Left: Chicken and tteokbokki (KRW 5000). I'm not a fan of tteokbokki but I like this combination, it's like 1 full meal (chicken and rice cake) 
Right:Chicken teriyaki on stick 


Petite France
- Entrance fee KRW 8,000
- Petite france is also popular among kdrama fans like me because of the series "My love for the star" starring Kim Soo-hyun and Jun-Hyun. 


Expectation VS Reality. yeah there's a lot of people that day

My love from the star cast

Garden of the morning calm 
- Entrance Fee: KRW 8,000
- I think it was 5:30pm when we got here in garden of the morning calm, it was not morning anymore lol. But we still got a moment until 6:30pm. At night it looked magical because of the lights surrounded at the garden.   

We are the last group standing!

Transportation summary

*credits photos from hazel and rinna


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