Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Autumn in South Korea: Day 3 - Jeju Island to Seoul

Now it's time to say goodbye from Jeju and hello again to seoul. 

Our flight is 10 o'clock in the morning and we woke up early and take our free breakfast in Lydon hostel. By the way, you can also book your accommodation in  Hostel Lydon. 

What I like in this hostel?:
  • it is only 15min bus ride to Jeju airport 
  • transpo is always available (bus and taxi)
  • free breakfast!
  • very spacious room fro the group of 6
  • private bathroom 
  • budget friendly

Kitchen Area
Reception area
Last pic in main door of our little cozy hostel. 

I tried this fresh banana milk and while drinking and waiting for boarding there's a 'ceremony' just in front of where we sitted.

It was nice that we watch this for free! :) nagkataon lang may ganitong program.

Now back to seoul! We took our very first lunch somewhere in Angkuk Area.

Good for 1 person serving.


Little bit disappointed in this noodles because I didn't know that it was a cold noodles.:(
Yes! COLD noodle in a cold weather. May ice pa ohh. Paired this meal with pork bbq.

Then after lunch we went to bukchon hanok village. Its the  traditional house in south korea.


If you are a korean drama fan like me, you will recognize this apartment. This 2 floor building is use as an apartment in "Oh my Venus". Am I right? Yeah? :)

We walked and saw this park just beside the hanok village . There's a restaurants, cafe and small boutiques here.


Then walk along Insadong to buy souvenirs :)


Street food yeah!

We took picture here because rinna saw this in one of the segment of Running Man.

A korean crew that can speak a little tagalog. 
Him: Where are you from?
Us: Philippines
Him: Ahh filipin libre tikim!
We all loling of what he said! At dahil nahiya kami at natuwa bumili kami 5 box hehe.

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