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Winter in taiwan, Taipei: Flower 3 -Part 2

Kath's Vlog

Day 2
I had doubt when I am doing my Shifen and Jiufen in my plan itinerary because  I am torn by commuting it via train or booking this trip via Klook shuttle.

Then ask Kath and Ate Allen and finalize to go there via train.

From Taipei To Shifen: Take a rail train from Taipei Main Stn. (台北車站) to Ruifang Stn. (瑞芳站) > Transfer to the Pingxi Small Railway (平溪支線) to Shifen Stn. (十分站)

Shifen Old Street 

Located in the Pingxi area (平溪), Shifen Old Streets is a collection of lanes and alleys in and around the Shifen railway station area. Originally built for transporting coal during the Japanese era, the station and track runs straight through the village.

With the marketplace surrounding the train station and the openness in which people can freely cross the track running straight through the centre of town,


I had to try this snack too. I don't know what it called but I call it Ice cream burrito ;))

Releasing of  sky lantern cost NTD 150 - 200 each.
While there is no train, you can walk along the rail, took pictures and have a sky lantern activity. 

I really want to visit Jiufen because of the anime spirited away. Right after I watched the anime, and I saw one of my colleagues went to taiwan I got interested in it and excited that I had chance to visit the inspired location.

Entrance of Juifen old street is just beside the 7/11 store :)
From Shifen to Jiufen: Take the Pingxi Small Railway to Ruifang Stn. (瑞芳站), and transfer to bus #788, #827, or #1062 to Jiufen Old Street (九份老街)

*There’s no public transportation between Jiufen and Shifen, you’ll have to get back to Ruifang Stn. (瑞芳站) to transfer.

Welcoming by No Face

F3 in Juifen

Looks we are in Tagaytay lake view

trying out this xiao long bao and this rice with pork minced sauce

Juifen Alley. Love the lantern decorations, very chinese

Spirited Away Feels 

In reality, this tunnel is leads to a tea house. In the anime, it is the start of the magical journey of spirited away.


Remember the mask in the anime? here's the inspiration.


Hello there no face! :)
 Haku look-a-like
I just passed by in this store when I realised that he looks like Haku - the character of spirited away.
Sorry for the blurry shot. 

The alley going down to the Grand Tea House. SO MANY TOURIST!

My happy face :)

Before me back to xi mending, we visited the  raohe night market, it is one of the oldest night market in Songshan District packed with great food, locals and visitors at every night.

the famous Taiwanese pork bun

yummers kain tayo!

another porky bbq

cutie steam buns

and another sausage on stick! sarap talaga nito! :)
While roaming around the night market, we saw this thing. hahaha
I don't know why the brand is fighting for homosapiens ^____^


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