Friday, October 26, 2018

My journey to Low carb and Intermittent Fasting

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

Nov22, 2019 - update
I am now in my over 4 month in LCIF program. Eat two times a day. No exercise. 3kilos lighter from my last update.

Oct 27, 2018

In my over 3 Months progress...

 At my heaviest 86 kilos vs 74 kilos.
May 15 2018 vs Oct 27 2018.

I am Iris, in my early 30's and childless (as of the moment LOL!). I just want to share my story and journey with LCIF (low carb and intermittent fasting) way of eating. Before I start LCIF, my heaviest weight is 86 kilos, I started July 09, 2018 together with my sisters Cams and April. April, our youngest encouraged us to tried the program. She added us in the Facebook group named Low Carb Intermittent Fasting Philippines. There are lot of testimonies/transformations that they lose weight by following LCIF program.

We follow what the moderators/coaches advice and tips on what to only eat in a certain schedule before having a meal. We literally read and maximize the use of search box in the group then to my best friend google who knows all hahahaha.  Low Carb Intermittent Fasting Philippines is a a perfect support group because its interactive. If you are running out of recipes to eat, you can look there from appetizer, main course to dessert. We can still eat delicious and nutritious food. 

What I avoided eating or totally not consuming?
- Food anything with rice, bread, pasta, flour, starchy vegetables(corn, potato, sweet potato etc) and sugary food.
- Soy sauce
- Tofu

What I eat?
- More on eggs, meat, fish and green leafy vegetables.
- fat bombs
- chicharon for snacks!
- Coconut oil / grass fed butter
- use equal gold for sweetener

What I drink?
- More on water!!
- Coke Zero
- Bulletproof coffee / bulletproof chocolate / bulletproof milk tea

Do I exercise?
- Not at all but I tried to exercise for a week only after I reached my 2nd month.
- I think I need to have an exercise to speed up to lose weight.

How many months I was doing LCIF?
- I started July 09, 2018 and currently its Oct 27, 2018 so going 4 months.

Am I satisfied with my current weight?
- My goal weight is 45 kilos - 50 kilos if possible, a normal BMI for my height 5'1 :)
As of now its too far from reality, my current weight is 74 kilos.

Do I eat in restaurants/fast food?
- If I eat in fast food we call it dirty lc because we do not know what recipe to that food (what oil they use in cooking ). For example chicken joy in Jollibee. I can still eat the chicken but not the rice. Because chicken is approved low carb food, chicken skin is ok but just need to avoid the breading.
- I prefer Filipino resto when eating out because I can order sinigang/nilaga or bulalo for myself :))

Do I Intermittent fasting?
-Yes. When I started I fast 16 hours and eat within the 8 hour period. Two meals a day (tmad) still in low carb approved food. Drink bullet coffee/chocolate and lots of water.
-Moderators said that IF is just an option because we can still lose weight if we don't fast but weigh lose will speed up when do intermittent fasting and do exercise.


I think i need to update this page to keep me motivated :)
Good luck to me.

Prulink - Growth Fund

I've been holding a Prulife policy and a client for 3 years and after year(s) of waiting to grow the investment side of my policy, finally! it has an  update.

As of Oct 25, 2018 I have Php 4,306.87! :)

I am very much happy with this update although the amount is not that big (yet) and I am not sure when the fund started this year.

Checking the historical records of this fund. From Oct.2015- Oct.2018 the fund value is keep on  increasing from 2017 then decreasing its value in 2018. Well, that our economy now a days. Maybe I will take advantage of inflation in our economy in the Philippines. While value is for "sale"  I will let my investment stay in this fund.  Then change it to conservative type which is money market in the future.

Hope the figures that is written today would be improve in the future.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Must visit Kdrama filming locations in Seoul

Aigoooo ~ ~ ~I admit! I am a certified Korean addict and every time I have spare time on weekends I watched Korean drama from morning until morning next day  LOL. Whole series in one sitting, until my eyes turns panda   ^___^. I know it's not healthy but who's #titasOfManila not into Kdrama today? Kdramas has mala goddess leading man almost perfect and cute leading lady. Minsan lang talaga ang role ng babae ang weak at ang OA mag pa-cute. tsss.

Your emotions become roller coaster when you religiously watch the whole episodes. The story will starts on strangers then will become friends then lovers.

Papakiligin ka nila, papaiyakin, matatakot, maiinis sa protagonist, magagalit, may betrayal pa kesyo nagsinungaling o di kagad sinabi nung nag uumpisa palang sila mag-date, manghihinayang tapos pagnagbati na  sila papakiligin ulit until sasabihin mo nalang sana sila na magkatuluyan in real life o kaya ako nalang at yung lead actor ^_________^!

Anyway, I celebrated my bday in South Korea and went to famous film location of my favorite k-dramas. Eto talaga ang theme ng second visit ko sa South Korea ^__^.

Are you ready?






Lets's Go!

Drama: Oh my Venus
Description: Kang Jonn-Eun Apartment
Location: Bukchun Hanok Village
Admission fee: free

Oh my Venus

Oh my venus

Drama: Personal Taste/Heartstring
Description: Hanok Village
Location: Bukchun Hanok Village
Admission fee: free


Personal taste

Drama: She was Pretty/My Love from the star
Description: First Episode Scene
Location: Dongdaemon Design Plaza
Admission fee: free

She was pretty

Drama: Princess Hours
Description: Princes 101 training film location
Location: Unhyeongung Palace - Insadong
Admission fee: free

Princess Hours

Drama: Goblin
Description: Walkway going to insadong - Goblin and bride first met
Location: Near Insadong
Admission fee: free


Drama: Goblin
Description: Wall
Location: Deokseugong stone wall Road
Admission fee: free


Drama: Goblin
Description: Goblin House
Location: Deoksong Women's University
Admission fee: private

Goblin’s House & Royal Residence
Goblin House location is inside the Deoksong Women's University. We tried to enter the school but the guard didn't allow us. Not sure if  they restrict tourist visiting the school or it's just late... already 6PM that time.

Drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal/Jewel in the Palace/The Moon embracing the Sun/Love in the moonlight
Description: Historical drama filming location - Lets go back to Joseon Era
Location: Korean Folk Village
Admission fee: via Klook

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

WANTED dead or alive

Drama: Winter Sonata
Description: Sorry summer kami pumunta walang snow ^_^
Location: Nami island
Admission fee: KRW 13,000.00

Winter Sonata

Drama: Boys over flowers/My Love from the star
Location: N-Seoul Tower
Admission fee: KRW 9,500.00


Drama: Legend of the blue sea
Description: Hoe Joon-Jea House
Location: Namsam

Legend of the blue sea

Drama: Iris
Location: Cheonggyecheon Stream

Drama: He's Beautiful
Location: Myeongdong Cathedral and shooping district

he's beautiful

Drama: Love in the Moonlight/Go back couple/Goblin
Location: Gyeongbokgung Palace
Love in the Moonlight


Go back couple
Picture Taken: Nov 2016

Drama: City Hunter/Iris
Location: Gwanghwamun Square

City Hunter


Statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin with the 12.23 Fountain in front in 2012

Statue of King Sejong at the background - feeling ko na kla peace sign si King Sejong

Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me
Location: DMC Information Building

Kill me. Heal me

Drama: Black/W Two World=
Location: Hannam Bridge/ Han river/ Hangang Park

W two WOrld

W two World

Drama: Weightlifting fairy
Location: Everland
Weightlifting Fairy

Picture Taken: Nov 2016

Drama: My Love from the star/Secret garden
Location: Petite France
Love from another star

Picture Taken: Nov 2016

Picture taken: Nov 2016

Summer in South Korea blog - soon ^___^