Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Autumn in South Korea: Day 5 Everland

In day 5 in south korea, It should be Lotte World but I decided to split with my group because I have to meet my cousin Cathy together with her korean husband and it's my first time to meet her son, baby shiannie (3 months old that time). They are living somewhere in busan, that was 4-5 hr drive from Seoul. Her husband decided to stroll us in Everland! I'm very thankful because it's a treat! Free rides! free food! #rice #blessed 

On the way to Everland! :) wiiii

With my cousin Cathy! It's been a while :)


A decent brunch before rides.
The amusement park is full pack and lots of people. 1-2 hours queue for every rides. We tried the 'Lost Valley' and 'safari World' it is huge park/zoo that lots of animals not common to see in the philippines. We also experience the must recommended attraction --- T-express ! Tried Mystery mansion and  get wet in Amazon express. We also watched the morning and night parade.

Lost Valley and Safari World
*Bucket list spotting!* camel

*bucket list spotting!* Left: cute Giant panda!    Right: Red (lesser) panda!
Now, who's more lazy? hehe




First time to see real panda!
Look how happy I am!

Thank you Oh family for the treat :)

Morning Parade:


Night Parade:


 Lighting Show


Are you ok baby?

Left: Little break, munching fried chicken lol
Right: Ready to get wet in amazon express. 

Dinner time! Beef Galbi, we eat somewhere in mapo-go an authentic korean resto.

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