Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer in Japan: References

I want my mind ready to Japan especially on their railway system, so what i did is searched from the internet, read blogs and then found a very reliable apps and links, oh well my objective here is to know the fare cost per ride. We did not rent a pocket wifi I just look for it then printed out. :)

My friend rinna is the one who prepared our itinerary. Where we have to go per day, what are the tourist spots in the area? where and what to eat? whats the best buy food in the city, etc etc. And I am the one for the transportation. How much is from shinosaka to kobe, how to get to umeda sky building from dotonburi? what bus number? Stop on what station? etc etc. 

Imagine I studied their railway and itinerary for a month but then we still get lost HAHAHA! Though its a very nice experience, we have to figure out where are we and realized we ride a local train (local train stops every station) But then in the end of the day we still managed to go in our apartment hungry and with crying feet hehehe.

NB. If you think you are lost. Don't be shy to ask, they were glad to help you but will be difficult to converse in english like me Lels not best in english. Bus stop and train station has free wifi. :)

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