Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer in Japan: Day 1 Soribashi - Shitennoji - Osaka Castle - Shinsaibashi/Dotonbori - Umeda Sky Buiding

Yown! We are super excited to explore Osaka. Below are the list of tourist spot in Osaka. :)
  • Soribashi - as far as i remember this famous bridge is in Geisha movie. This tourist spot is easy to access from the station. No entrance fee. 

Wooden prayer

As a sign of respect you need to wash hands before entering the temple. 
  • Garden/Park near Soribashi - this is not part in our itinerary but we enjoyed the peaceful place :) No entrance fee.

  • Shitennoji - its 20-30 min walk from Abeno station

  • Osaka Castle

I scream for ice cream green tea. Summer. JPY 500 :) #feelinglegit 

Tried this shaved ice for only JPY300. 
  • Shinsaibashi/Dotonbori - 
Requires a LOT of walk before we saw this running Glico man Lols.

#feelinglegit Takoyaki balls! :)
  • Umeda Sky Buiding - since dotonbori requires a LOT of walk to see mr . Glico,  when we went to Umeda sky building we lost again and my feet is started crying huhuhu hahaha I want to skip this but my friend is still insisting coz we are already in the area (oo nga naman hehe). We just need to know the exact location. When we reach the umeda building its 9 or 10 pm the mall/stores around the area are closed but there is so many people queued in line. Entrance fee for the sky building is JPY 800.
 Okay so this is the sky building. We didn't enter here.

I remember the feeling! Im so tired here catching my breath and I just managed to look up.

Transpo Expenses:

NB. Tipid tips: Bring your own tumbler/water. Drinks in vendomachine is cost JPY120 and up. There are available drinking fountain in the japan so if you don't have a tumbler keep your empty bottled water :)
Credits to rinna for some of the pics :)


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