Sunday, September 13, 2015

Summer in Japan: Day 2 - Nijo Castle - Kinkakuji - Ginakakuji - Marayuma Park - Gion Corner

Exploring Kyoto! :)
Kenshin's home town hehe
  • Nijo Castle - Entrance Fee JPY600


  • Kinkakuji - Entrance JPY 400

  • GinKakuji - entrance fee JPY 500

Oh! don't forget to try this green tea icecream just near the entrance. I don't know the name of the store hehe. 

  • Philosopher's Path - No entrance fee, we just walk here after ginkakuji temple.  
    According to wiki the Philosopher's Walk is a pedestrian path that follows a cherry-tree-lined canal in Kyoto, between Ginkaku-ji and Nanzen-ji. The route is so-named because the influential 20th-century Japanese philosopher and Kyoto University professor Nishida Kitaro is thought to have used it for daily meditation. It passes a number of temples and shrines such as Hōnen-in, Ōtoyo Shrine, and Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the walk, although many people spend more time visiting the sights along the way. On the northern part of the walk, there are good views of the nearby Daimonji. The walk is a popular destination for tourists and locals, especially during hanami.

    You can skip if you don't want to waste your time lol. But this is a good view in autumn or cherry blossom season.  
  • Marayuma Park - No entrance fee
  • Gion Corner - we watched a show in Gion corner in a discounted price for only JPY2500. For more info read here. I think, this one is a must when you go to Kyoto you will see real giesha/maiko performance and other cultural/traditional dance of Japan. Isn't it amazing? I was so excited! :)

Transpo Computation:

NB. I use this link to search bus and information regarding Kyoto. 
Tipid Tips: I recommend to buy Kyoto bus one-day pass card in Kyoto station for only JPY500. Regular bus fare is JPY230. Sulit na sulit yan! :)

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