Friday, November 10, 2017

Breathtaking Batanes: Things to do in Sabtang Island - Day 2

It was our second day in Batanes and we supposed to do the South Batan tour and it was changed to Sabtang Island tour. Good thing the weather condition is good and its safe to sail a faluwa from Ivana port to Sabtang Island.
Sabtang Island, the smallest of the three inhabited islands of Batanes, the northernmost province of the Philippines.

A boat called faluwa are the main transportation going to the different island of Batanes. The schedule going to Sabtang Island from Ivana port is 7:00 am and back to Ivana port at 12:30 pm. 

 Going to Sabtang Island. 
The unforgettable experience going to Sabtang Island where the water vast of Pacific ocean meets the south China Sea. Kuya Mon said that they have a guest stranded for 3 days in Sabtang Island due to typhoon before our group arrival. Luckily in our 2nd day the weather condition is good and confirm that the faluwa can sail to sabtang island.

I must say that its my first time to have a seasick on riding a boat. The waves are strangely different, big, rough and scary. It was my 30 minutes longest ride I had so far, 30 minuets of praying that we get safely arrived in the other island.

Here are the things to do in Sabtang Island

  1. Go to TiƱan Viewpoint and Chamantad Cove 

    Ivatan houses souvenir 
  2. Wine testing of our very own berry  Arius fruits. 
    arius wine free taste 
  3. Roaming around the Chavayan Village - ivatan old house
  4. Rent a Vakul 


    Mga lodi, werpa at petmalu!
  6. Chatting with elder Ivatan
  7. Photo-op in old beaterio 

  8. W

  9. Visit the Morong beach 
  10. Eat delicious food 

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