Friday, November 3, 2017

Breathtaking Batanes: Things to do in North Batan - Day 1

At NAIA Terminal 2, early flight going to Basco :)

"Once a year, go some place you have never been before" - Dalai Lama

I had to admit that Batanes is my dream local destination. I ask my friends if we are really in Batanes, I am so exaggerated but  para akong lutang. (OA in its finest!)

It's was our first time to booked skyjet and to ride a small plane but I must say that even though it's a small plane, the leg room is spacious than the other budgeted airline. Skyjet has free 10kg check-in baggage, 5kg hand-carry and a complimentary snacks.

Complimentary snacks from Skyjet

Upon departure there's an Environmental fee cost Php 350.00.
Touch down Basco!
We arrived in the hotel around 7am , crisan lodge prepared our breakfast meals then after a short break we decided to start the tour at 9-ish am.

Breakfast at Crisan Lodge
The first day activity is North Batan, during our tour the weather is good - sunny but cold, the wind breeze is already amihan , Kuya JC the tour guide said that signal number 2 is just normal to them. Batanes encounter the strongest typhoon last  september 2016 with the local name Ferdie which is some of the infrustructure in the area are under renovation.

1. Basco Welcome Arch
Obligatory photo-op :)

First stop at the Welcome to Basco Arch  facing  the water vast of South China Sea/ West Philippine Sea with our driver/photographer kuya JC.
2. Tukon Chapel or Mt Carmel Church

The church was designed based on traditional Ivatan houses that made of stone and boulders. This church is popular for weddings but currently under renovation, it was destroyed during typhoon Ferdie. 

 3. Basco PAG-ASA complex (Weather Station)
This is just few walks away from Mt Carmel Church. Unfortunately, the weather station was also destroyed by the typhoon.  
4. Japanese Tunel at Dipnaysuhuan

The tunnel was made by the Japanese and with the help of  Ivatan people. Comparing this to cu chi tunnel this one  has bigger space, you can walk to it. The tunnel is still raw.
5. Valugan Boulder Beach
Instead of sand, this beach is has boulders, the boulders is came from Mt. Iraya (its a volcano) when it was explode many years ago.  The rocks swept by the waves of south china sea and pacific ocean.

6. Vayang Rolling Hills

Looks like a microsoft windows wallpaper : P The scenic view of Vayang rolling hills is a perfect combination of landscape and seascape.

6. Basco Lighthouse, Naidi Hill
One of the famous and most photograph in Batanes. Actually for me if you say Batanes I will be remembered a light house.

Mt. Iraya

7. Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Attended 6PM sunday mass after the tour.

Ivatan's are rich in land. You can not just buy a land if you are not a native Ivatan unless your spouse is also an Ivatan.  A term 'ipula' is to be called when you are not a native of Batanes and 'Ivatan" if you are a native of Batanes and also their dialect.

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