Monday, February 15, 2016

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Pampanga

Another first this year to attend hot air balloon festival with my travel buddies and of course another bucket list granted . Though I was not able to ride the balloon, at least I was able to see a real hot air balloon. :)

How we get there?
  • From Pasay five star bus terminal, we ride a bus going north and off to Marquee mall Pampanga. Fare is Php 146 air-conditioned bus.
  • Ride jeep from marquee mall terminal to Main gate. Fare is Php8.00.
  • Another jeep from main gate to the venue. Fare Php 10.00.

General Admission is Php 350.

Before heading out to the venue, we have our brunch (breakfast and lunch) in marquee mall.

Travel buddies :). Yes! sila ulit :D

Picnic lang ang peg. Don't forget to bring mat or light tela so you can sit comfortably at the ground. Some attendees also opt to set up a tent while waiting for Night glow.

Kite Flying

Skydiving Exhibition

Here comes the ballooooooooonnn! :)))

Finally the highlight that night.

Hot Air balloon Night glow. :)

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