Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Punta na sa Fontana

Yes! Its summer 2015 and I need to start my beachy, pooly, write ups for this year.
I am not a member of Fontana but Ms Jem helped me to booked a villa assigned from her name.

The villa has 2 bedroom, 1 maid quarters room and 1 pool.
Centralize aircon.
3 TV - per room and in the sala
Kitchen - 1 electric stove, electric kettle and refegirator.

The villa is big for 11 groups but it has only 2 bedrooms, if your group is not that maarte its OK since sala naman has centralize aircon.

We bought water theme park ticket for only Php300. We enjoyed the splash and slides. wohoo!



lazy river

theme park

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