Monday, October 5, 2015

Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and sauna

It was unexpected when I visit Lasema JJim Jil Bang spa and sauna.

(side story) My friend was brought in e.r. St. Lukes hospital around 10pm and I had to visit her after my 11pm shift. She need to stay in e.r. for a while and I insist to stay too to accompany her.

Its around 330am when we leave the hospital, she needs a rest and opt to stay in a near by hotel but we end up in Lasema Jjim jil bang. :)

  • Lasema Jjim Jil Bang Spa and sauna is open 24 hrs in Malugay, Makati just in front of BIR building and near FEU Makati. 
  • You can stay for up to 12 hrs. 
  • Wet sauna has a separate room for boys and girls.
  • We tried the wet sauna- the Jacuzzi has 2 flavors ginseng and green tea , dry sauna 
  • massage starts by 9am.
  • They have cave rooms and recreation area so you could rest, eat, and take a nap. 
They also have snack bar inside the recreation area and korean restaurant beside the recreation area. For me, the food in the resto is too expensive for a single meal from Php300 and up huhuhu di ko naman bet lasa.

red tag for girls i think...

thank you girl for the free spa and sauna!

Door from recreation area

cave room

dry room sauna

inside the dry room sauna 

Jjimjilbang + Sauna + Massage - Php 890

Jjimjilbang + Sauna + Massage - Php 990

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