Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I love Puerto Princesa

Finally, after 2 years of planning this vacation, it was executed last April. After graduation, (hmm 7 years ago) we hang out often and focus/busy to our own career. Coffee in table and the classic timezone videoke is our bonding till we planned this out of town last 2 yrs ago and it was just executed last April. :)

Travel buddies :)

We decided to stay at Romy's place.

-The room is big for 3 pax.

-1 single bed

-1 double bed

-has their own toilet.

-They provide towels and toiletries.

-Has pool.

-with breakfast

-Romy's place is far from town but they have free shuttle service if you want to eat at the famous resto in town like Ka lui and kinabuch. Just let them know your schedule.

-We also booked our travel and tour to them.

Romy's Place Pool


Recommended resto in town:

Ka Lui - if you are seafood lovers this resto is for you! And its pricey. 

Kinabuch - this resto is good for barkada/family they serve big and the price is good :)

Day 0: Roaming around the city :)

Lakas maka OOTD! Dress from QuenSizeManila

The tres marias.
Hazel. Me. Rinna

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Crocodile Farm

At Baker's Hill

NP. On your city tour, as much as possible buy pasalubong hopia in baker's hill. Its cheaper and freshly baked. Oh don't forget to check the expiration date :)

Firefly watching around 7pm
I thought its gonna be boring we just need to watch the firefly but I learned a lot in this activity. Star gazing/constellations (yes! ang daming stars na makikita unlike in manila), firefly life cyle, the importance of mango grove and etc. Good job kuya bankero!

Inclusion dinner after firefly watching. Kainan na! :)

Day 1: Underground River
At Sabang, Puerto Princesa

NP. There is inclusion lunch buffet after your underground river activity.

Day 2: Honda bay tour - yey beach!!

Starfish Island

Luli Island

Cowrie Island

Picture picture

Airfare Cebupac 2722
and tour
Environmental Fee 40
Terminal Fee 150
Budget 2000
 Total 10112

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