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I love Baler

Long Weekend is often so we decided with my travel buddies to go to Baler. And since we visit Baler for the first time. We decided to look for a package that is good in budgeted at talaga namang swak na swak sa aming bulsa.

Thank God as I searched in google I saw Istokewa Surf Tour and inquire for it.
and Thank you Kuya Bart because for us you are the main organizer of this trip! :D

The Trip:
The trip to Baler is around 6 hours. From Manila, it will be a 3-hour ride to Cabanatuan City (Nueva Ecija), where there will be a 30-minute stopover (we can also have another stopover if the need arises. The last 3 hours of the trip, almost one hour of which will be on rough roads, will pass through Pantabangan (Nueva Ecija), CastaƱeda (Nueva Vizcaya), Maria Aurora (Aurora), and finally, Baler (Aurora). On the trip home, there will be a stopover for dinner at NLEX.

Itinerary :
11:30pm meet up Shell Ayala/MRT EDSA
12am ETD Manila2-2:30am stopover at Cabanatuan

5:30-6am ETA Baler; breakfast (check in if rooms are already available)
8am surfing lessons/beach time
11am lunch12:30pm check in
2pm surfing lessons/beach time
7pm dinner Sunday

Optional Tour

7am breakfast
8am surfing lessons/beach time
11am lunch 12nn checkout
12:30pm Baler Church, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler, pasalubong center
2pm ETD Baler5:30pm dinner at NLEX
9pm ETA Manila

For the first time I saw Baler I fell in love with the place. Hmmm its like I can still hear the sound of splashing wave.

We stay at Bay's Inn Hotel. With two breakfast complimentary meal. It has another Inn's named Bahaia de Baler more high class than Bay's Inn. And because we are out of budget we look for alternative food choice. It has a rolling store in bayan cheaper and the taste is not bad. We also visit Baler church, Quezon Park, Museo de Baler and pasalubong Center.

In our activities, we went to Ermita Hill and Caunayan Falls and we do surfing!
Yes surfing for the first time is not bad!:D

What i learned in this tour:
1. First time to surf.
2. First time to drink tequilla oh lalala. hahaha
3. First time maging tangero. In 15 minutes kalahati kagad ang tequilla at tumba na silang lahat! ako rin pala.
4. First time sugurin and wave at nakikipag laro sa wave. What I did is I copy what the intructor do when the wave is coming. :D


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