Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thank you 2013, Tara 2014!

Oh its like yesterday is 2013 and now its the 1st day of 2014.
I had ups and downs that which only made me strong  and motivated. 
I lost a few friends and gained amazing new one. 
I am also thankful for those who stay, keeps me motivated and inspire me. 
To the people whom joined in my travel this year thank you it was a great experience and a great adventure, I know I learned something to you, shared my experience and know my self better.
To the person who is the reason of my smile, and the reason why I'm sad (pag di kita nakikita/nakakausap clingy lang stage freind) I'm still thankful you been a part of my life this year.




2013 is a great year hope 2014 still be better. 

Looking forward this New Year, new life and new adventure.